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Top last update: 11/13/2005
Parabolic Flight
Experience 0g

Welcome to the home of weightless ferrofluids

Hello - we are a team of students participating in the 2005's Student Parabolic Flight Campaign of the European Space Agency(ESA). This program gives us the opportunity to conduct our own physical experiment in zero gravity - and to enjoy weightlessnes!

So fasten you seatbelt and find out about :

and - most important: 26.11 - The analysis is in progress, first results can be seen in the experiment section. If you want to see the raw data, you can now follow the motion of the ferrofluid in some example videos. We also uploaded some movies about the strange behaviour of human bodies in Zero-g!
Have fun and apply - the deadline is coming soon!
Have a peaceful advent time, we envy all the people who can enjoy the European christmas fairs,
Greetings from Boston, the American subgroup (Elisabeth & Ulrike)

24.07 - I don't want to believe the parabolic flight campaign is over now - building our own experiment, getting to know students from all over Europe, and the parabolic flight itself - it was incredible, you have to experience this yourself!
On my flight home from Bordeaux I was waiting for weightlessnes to start again, but unfortunately it never did :-(
Our experiment worked well and we got lots of data to analyze during the next weeks (well, months...).