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I am a PhD student at the Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik (ITA) part of  Heidelberg University, where I am a member of the Star Formation group headed by Prof. Dr. Ralf Klessen. I am also part of the astronomy division of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York where i work with Prof. Dr. Mordecai Marc Mac-Low.

I have a bachelor in physics of the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” in Bogotá. Then I moved to Bonn to continue with my master studies which I finished in 2012 at the Argelander Institut für Astronomie in Bonn, in the Stellar physics group.


welcome to my personal webpage

“Y como las esperanzas tienen ese destino que cumplir, nacer unas detrás de otras, por eso, pese a tantas decepciones, todavía no se han acabado en el mundo”

José Saramago

Research interests

I am interested in the study of magnetohydrodynamical instabilities in stellar interiors and their influence in transporting angular momentum and chemical elements affecting lifetimes, yields, rotation rates and many more parameters in massive stars.

I also have projects related to the spin evolution of young TTauri stars magnetically connected to their surrounding circumstellar disks and the effects on the dynamics of the accretion disk and jet launching mechanisms.