The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter

An electronic publication to promote information exchange
and interdisciplinary collaboration on the Magellanic Clouds

Editors:    Eva K. Grebel  and  You-Hua Chu.

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The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter covers all areas of Magellanic Clouds research - the interstellar medium, individual stars, stellar populations, abundances, star formation history, interactions within and between the Magellanic Clouds, and Milky Way, kinematics, dynamics, astrometry and catalogs, microlensing, and studies in all wavelength ranges.

    The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter includes

  • abstracts of submitted and accepted papers,
  • thesis abstracts,
  • conference announcements,
  • job announcements,
  • and general information.

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    The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter is published in LaTeX, postscript, and HTML format (see past issues). LaTeX files are sent out by e-mail to our subscribers once a month.
    In order to be included in our mailing list, please send a message with your name, e-mail address, affiliation, and country to To contribute an abstract, please use the LaTeX template and send your contribution to Subscription and abstract publication are free and subject to the rules laid out in our FAQ & policy page.


Questions about astronomy?
There are various excellent websites dedicated
to answering questions from the general public, e.g.:
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An impressive web site with general information on the Magellanic Clouds, including images and maps, can be found at

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