NGC 474

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Object: NGC 474, 470, 467 (Pisces)
Date: 07.-09.09.2007
Scope, mount, camera: 12.5" Newtonian, f/5.1, MAM50, ST-10XME
Filter, exposure time: LchiRGB, Lchi = L+R+G+B
L = 22*600s
RGB = (6x6x9)*1200s
Total exposure time: 10h40min
Location: La Palma, Roque de los muchachos
Comments: Image seeing: 2.0"
Data reduction with THELI, colour composition in PS.

NGC 474 is the huge elliptical galaxy with the numerous tidal tails. NGC 470 is the spiral galaxy next to it, located at the same distance (~100 million light years). NGC 467 to the lower right is also caught in an ongoing multiple-merger process, and has a distance of about 250 million light years. Hence, this system is intrinsically as big or even bigger than NGC 474. PGC 4755 is the blueish irregular object at the very bottom of the field of view at the same distance as NGC 467.

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