Mischa's WFI gallery

Find below some images taken with the wide field imager (WFI) at the 2.2m MPG/ESO telescope in La Silla, Chile, during the course of our surveys. Mostly, they are so-called empty fields which allow an unobscured view to the distant universe. Many 10000 galaxies are visible in each of the linked high resolution images. WFI is a mosaic CCD imager offering 8000x8000 pixels, at a scale of 0.238"/pixel. This covers about 34'x33' on the sky, an area about the size of the full moon.

You will also find my version of the HUDF (the Hubble Ultra Deep Field). I was a bit disappointed by the colour picture the STSci has released. The contrast is too hard (they wanted to show the faintest stuff) and some of the galaxies appear saturated. So here is my version. The HUDF shows the same line of sight as in the WFI field labelled "DEEP2c", but to much greater depth and with much higher angular resolution (0.03"/pix). Have fun identifying the field of the HUDF within that of DEEP2c (its extent is about 1/10th of the WFI side length).

I have also added an image of NGC 602 taken with HAWK-I. That is ESO's new near-infrared wide field imaging machine that was commissioned later in 2007. The image shown is made of data taken during the October commissioning run.

If you use these images in other non-commercial publications, please credit them to me (Mischa Schirmer, AIfA, University of Bonn) and to ESO (copyright), respectively the STScI (copyright) (for the HUDF). For commercial purposes, please contact me and check ESO's and STScI's terms of use.

NGC 2070 (Tarantula nebula, Large Magellanic Cloud)

4531 x 4505 pixel, 7.9 MB

ESO press release APOD How it was done...

NGC 300 (Sculptor group)

8451 x 8251 pixel, 18.8 MB

ESO press release APOD

B-band: 39600 sec (110 images)
V-band: 37440 sec (105 images)
R-band: 14760 sec (41 images)
H-alpha: 18300 sec (21 images)

The H-alpha channel alone:

6000 x 5858 pixel, 3.7 MB



5334 x 5334 pixel, 8.7 MB
binning factor: 1.5


6137 x 5807 pixel, 11.8 MB
binning factor: 1.5

DEEP-2c (Chandra Deep Field South, CDFS)

8732 x 8629 pixel, 26.5 MB

ESO press release

Almost all of the objects in the field are distant galaxies. More than 100,000 of them can be found in this image. 3040 individual FITS images were combined for this view of the distant universe (1 WFI exposure yields 8 individual imagues due to the 8 CCDs used in the mosaic camera).

B-band: 56000 sec (115 exposures)
V-band: 57000 sec (115 exposures)
R-band: 64000 sec (150 exposures)


6067 x 5334 pixel, 14.8 MB
binning factor: 1.5


5934 x 5401 pixel, 9.6 MB
binning factor: 1.5


5667 x 5467 pixel, 9.8 MB
binning factor: 1.5


6000 x 5686 pixel, 15.9 MB
binning factor: 1.5

HUDF (Hubble Ultra Deep Field)

RGB (R=z, G=i, B=b+v)

NGC 602 (HAWK-I@VLT near-IR commissioning data)

RGB (R=Ks, G=H, B=J)