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Masers: the ultimate astrophysical tools

mini-workshop: Bonn, 11-12 Nov 2009

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Goal of this mini-workshop

This highly informal mini-workshop is being organized by the maser groups at the Argelander-Institut and the Max-Planck Instut für Radioastronomie with the aim of bringing together the 'local' (i.e. within a few hours travel to Bonn) maser astronomers. However, in principle, all interested astronomers working on or interested in maser research are welcome to attend. We intend to limit the majority of contributions to presentation about 'recent' work (i.e. mostly after the Australia meeting) and will not be giving any review talks.

The main goal of the workshop is to strengthen the collaborative ties and define new projects. If there's interest, we can also work on defining large collaborations for maser work with the new upcoming facilities (such as ALMA), as such large groups are needed to be able to compete for the telescope time with a number of the more organized astronomical communities.

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The workshop will consist of a number of sessions with short presentations and discussion followed by breakout sessions in which we hope to identify potential new collaborative efforts in our maser research.

The workshop programme can be found here. Due to the number of requested presentations, each talk is limited to 20 minutes (incl. questions).

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The workshop will be held from Wednesday November 11th 10:00 till Thursday November 12th 17:30. The location is the colloquium room at the ground floor of the Max-Planck Institut für Radioastronomie in Bonn.
Directions to the institute can be found here. By flight, the nearest airport is the Cologne/Bonn airport, which is (among others) served by the discount airlines Air Berlin, German Wings and TUIfly. There are also direct connections to the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt airports.

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Due to the nature of the workshop we will not be able to arrange accommodations for the participants (with possibly few exceptions).
A list of nearby hotels in Bonn can be found here.
The Max-Planck guesthouse is likely still under reconstruction during the dates of the workshop.

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Registration / Participants list

While the workshop is extremely informal, we would still like to ask you to register on time, to give us an idea of how many of you are expected to be there. If you want to contribute a talk, please send a title, and, if not directly obvious, in which session you would prefer to speak. We might even be able to accommodate a handful of posters.
The submission of titles closes October 23th. To register, please send an email to wouter(.at.)astro.uni-bonn.de including [Maser workshop] in the subject of your email. Please also let us know if you are interested in joining a dinner Wednesday evening (own costs unfortunately).
The list of participants can be found here and will be updated regularly.

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