The BoA Mission

BoA is a newly designed software package for the reading, handling, and analysis of bolometer array data. Its design and implementation is a collaborative effort of scientists at the MPIfR, AIfA, AIRUB, and IAS that was started in 2002. The primary goal of BoA is to handle data from LABOCA at APEX, both for online visualization and offline processing. BoA can also be used to process data acquired with other instruments such as ASZCa at APEX or MAMBO at the IRAM 30-meter telescope. BoA includes most of the relevant functionalities of the current reduction packages (MOPSIC, NIC, SURF). The major difference to them is that BoA is written in a programming environment that is (hopefully) easier to modify, maintain, and re-use. Moreover, BoA naturally interfaces with APECS and the MBfits format.



The official release of BoA can be downloaded from the ESO APEX site.


Please direct questions, comments, requests or any other feedback to <boa AT SPAMFREE astro DOT uni-bonn DOT de>


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