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The arctic project

The arctic (Algorithm foR CTI Correction ) (formerly named as acs-cte) project was founded to rewrite an existing IDL program to clear the artefacts of the CTI of the ACS camera (Advanced Camera for Surveys) which is installed in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Details can be found on the original webpage by Richard Massey.

Contact the developers

Send questions, hints, bug reports to ocordes@astro.uni-bonn.de or marggraf@astro.uni-bonn.de .

Current versions:

  •   1.3.4: 2017-03-21 Download the source code here!
    • FIX BUG in cte_image.cc: in unclocking mode the corrections were not applied
    • rewrite the code to fulfill the EUCLID coding standards,
    • make the code much more readable -> the code itself need some cleanup
    • integrate Ole's unittests from EUCLID into the repository
    • cmake integration of unittests was done by using the EuclidEnv code,    rewritten and adopted for python3
  • 1.3.3: 2017-02-20 Download the source code here!
    • artic 1.3.3 released
    • working on the low signal environment
    • fix the low signal environment express BUG
    • rewrite some key reading functions in image class, now using templates
    • add fits info in debug mode
    • block the working of multi extension fits files, which otherwise causes segfaults
    • test code for neo2 mode (watermarking)
    • BUG fixes
    • some more minor updates/upgrades/fixes ...
  • 1.3.2: 2016-11-04 Download the source code here!
    • fix a BUG for the low signal environmet       
    • add new FITS keywords in the output header
    • remove the old automake environemnt, only cmake support
    • fix minor BUGS for old gcc linux versions
  • 1.3.1: 2016-08-15 Download the source code here!
    • first clean release of the arctic code
    • fast neo-method for CTE correction enabled
    • can work also in x direction (and bidirectional)
    • is fully output compatible to the old acs-cte code, but has less errors in the calculations
    • move the acs image handling into python (not completed yet!)
  • 0.9.11: 2014-01-27 Download the source code here!
     - several bug fixes and code cleanups
     - add clocking mode to the code
     - trap species can now be configured on the command line or in the conffile
    (Note: the version 0.9.11a is an older test version!)
  • 0.9.10: 2013-11-20 Download the source code here!
     - change the internal data format from float to double, gives some more precisiion; saving as float is possible with --out_float
  • 0.9.9: 2013-10-23 Download the source code here!

(the source code is now available on github https://github.com/ocordes/arctic.git ! The develop(ment) branch may not working or gives unusual results!)

(OLD: an unsupported version can be found in the SVN repository http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/svn-public/ocordes/acs-cte (this version is maybe not compilable and usable!))

Installation and usage

  1. Download the source tar-ball and uncompress it in a directory of your preference
  2. change into the source directory, e.g cd arctic-1.3.2
  3. run mkdir build; cd build
  4. run make
  5. the main program is build as arctic


For further details of the code see the webpage of Richard Massey and his papers.