EU-HOU Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way

AIfA Hi Survey Server

Welcome to the LAB Survey server of the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie in Bonn!

This server was set up for the EU grant is 510308-LLP-1-2010-1-FR-COMENIUS-CMP.

The complementary EU-HOU-Observer page is here:

Leiden Argentine Bonn (LAB) Survey

Hi profiles

Supplementing information

An explanation how spiral structure of the Milky Way can be derived from this web interface is given here: HI_Spirals_HowTo

If you like to determine spiral arms in the Milky Way you can download templates for plotting.

Plain millimeter paper is available here: Galactic grid

A diagram including the historical (1958) view of the Milky Way spiral pattern: grid with spirals (For reference see: Oort et al. (1958).

Further information is also available at the SALSA homepage

A paper published in Astronomie und Raumfahrt im Unterricht 2009 Heft 111/112 (German only)


Below you will find videos showing a sweep in velocity through the data cube of the LAB survey, in Galactic center and anticenter projection.

This video shows a sweep in latitude through a data cube that has been regridded to demonstrate differential Galactic rotation. Longitude is horizontally, velocities are displayed vertically.

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