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30 April: "Registration is now open!"
20 June: Early registration possible until 4 July 2014.
20 June: A list of hotels is on the Venue page.
2 August: List of participants and preliminary programme on website.
2 August: Test 6 studying ionization front instability is online.
8 August: Test 5 Sink particle accretion test is online.

StarBench-II: A Workshop For Benchmarking Star Formation Codes

Dates: 1st - 5th September, 2014

Location: Bonn, Germany

Rationale: A workshop to develop standard benchmark problems for radiation-hydrodynamics simulations of star formation, feedback, and ISM evolution.

See Also: The first StarBench Workshop, held in Exeter, UK, April 2013.


  • To summarise, collate, and publish the results from test problems that have already been run.
  • To refine the definition of problematic tests.
  • To introduce new tests to benchmark the modelling of more advanced physical processes.

Scientific Rationale

Radiation-hydrodynamical simulations are a powerful tool for understanding the dynamical evolution of the interstellar medium (ISM) leading to star and planet formation. Star formation, feedback, and ISM evolution are important fields of research, in which recent advances have depended heavily on computational astrophysics studies using large-scale HPC resources, and huge investment of human effort. Planet formation and evolution has emerged as a new research frontier closely linked to star formation. There is also obvious synergy between studying the Heliosphere and the stellar winds of distant stars. Innovative algorithms are constantly being developed by many groups worldwide, offering new and powerful tools for examining star formation and feedback.

There is a pressing need for benchmark tests to validate the accuracy of these algorithms and results. In particular, we seek to define well-posed problems that can be tested against known analytic solutions, which all codes modelling a particular process should be able to solve accurately. This meeting will be dedicated to the technical comparison of codes and to round-table discussions for the pros and cons of each method. In this frame of work, participants will be asked to run the test cases with their codes before the meeting, the results of which will be used for the discussion during the meeting.

The workshop is a follow-up meeting to the first StarBench Workshop, held in Exeter, UK, in April 2013.

Latest News


Tests 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 are all now online.


Programme and list of participants is online.


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Workshop announced.
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The organisers are grateful for financial support from the DFG Priority Program 1573: Physics of the Interstellar Medium.