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THELI core components

External package: Astrometry and photometry

For astrometry, we recommend you install the pre-compiled Scamp binary. Alternatively, THELI offers the astrometry.net solver which is automatically compiled from source during installation.

SDSS ugriz photometric reference catalog

We provide a subset of the SDSS stripe 82 photometric calibration catalog (Ivezic 2007). The original published version of this catalog contains about 1000000 stars. THELI keeps only sources with individual errors less than 0.05 mag in all filters, and remove very faint sources in gri filters which could lead to a systematic bias of 0.02 mag in the ZP. About 340000 photometric reference sources remain.

Stripe 82 is located between 20:30:00 < RA < 04:00:00, and -1.27 < DEC < 1.27. By downloading the tarball below, you will obtain two versions of the catalog, one for the SDSS native ugriz system, and one for the USNO-1m u’g’r’i’z’ system.

In order to use these catalogs, you have to unpack the tarball in gui/photstdcats/.